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“I don’t think there’s anything they haven’t done for us. They can do it all.”

Leona Liskovec
AVP, Marketing & Corporate Communications
Universal North America

Building awareness and brand preference

At a Glance: Our relationship with Universal North America is an example of a strategic, full-service approach. We design and develop their brand strategy, advertising, collateral, annual reports, event support, internal communications, some parts of their website and other special projects for this innovative insurance carrier.

The Work: Universal North America came to us a young company with very little name recognition and ambitious goals. After market research and extensive fact-finding, we recommended they adopt the marketing name of Universal North America and use it across all markets. We also worked with them to support their growth into 15 states through a full-court, comprehensive approach.

We began by defining brand attributes and messages to key audiences – agents and consumers – in a brand statement that serves as a creative platform for everything else we do. We created graphic continuity to unify the brand. We also created a whole family of print and online collateral to differentiate their product line and make it easy for agents to sell them competitively.

The initial ad campaign positioned Universal North America as a serious, but not stuffy, company. That campaign led to their tagline: Insurance without the surprises. Subsequent campaigns differentiated the carrier as the very antithesis of the cut-rate insurance you never want to have when you really need to file a claim. The current campaign focuses on values.

We also work with their legacy technology partner to conceptualize and create supplemental web content, landing pages and targeted online messaging to support advertising messages.