A brand is a two-way street. With its brand identity, a company aims to present itself in a certain way – sleek, modern, serious, whimsical, welcoming, fun or even uplifting. Potential customers make assumptions about whether a product or service is a good fit and aligned with their needs or goals based on what they see and experience.

Yet, industries change. Customers shift, and businesses transform. Is your brand keeping pace? Still relevant? Some brand identities last for generations. Others may need an update. If you’ve had the same brand image for years, you might benefit from a refresh. Consider whether the following situations apply to your company’s lifecycle.

Your competitive landscape has changed.

KFC is a great example of this. Picnics, potlucks and Sunday dinner, Southern fried chicken used to be standard fare. As people became more concerned about expanding waistlines and healthier eating, the word “fried” was not so great to have front and center. Good-bye, “fried.” Hello, acronym.


What you’re doing isn’t working anymore.

In today’s online world, the brands that stand out are ones with a strong and modern visual identity. When it started, eBay’s logo was a collage of crayon-hued, blocky letters in varying heights. Now, the logo continues the same color palette but has evolved to a much sleeker, easier-read logo.


Your company has grown beyond your graph and messaging.

Even with the iconic Apple, what happened back in the day just doesn’t play well in modern times. In its early years, Apple’s logo was a ‘70s-inspired, rainbow offering. Today, the company’s logo reflects the clean, minimalistic look it has championed in its products.

You need to look/sound/behave more modern.

In Austin, Petticoat Fair is a fantastic lingerie/swimwear store that caters to women in all stages of their lives. They’re known for their immense selection, expert fitters and personal service. The store draws customers from far and wide, across state lines and even from other countries. Yet, the store hadn’t changed its logo in five decades. In preparation for its 50th anniversary, Petticoat Fair decided to modernize its color palette and update its logo. Now, the look is flirty and modern, appealing to today’s customer.



Your offerings have changed.

Starbucks’ famous siren remains in its logo, but the word “coffee” has been removed to reflect the vast offerings of the mega-empire – java and beyond.



You’re ready to take your game to the next level.

With today’s technology, changes are lightning fast. The differences in the old vs. new Twitter icon are subtle but significant, and reflective of that reality. In the new logo, the bird is sleeker and ready to take flight, more relevant in today’s world.



Is it time to rebrand?

If your company’s visual brand identity is dated and any of these other scenarios apply, now may be the perfect time to undergo a brand refresh, including a logo, typography, color palette and tagline. Take a good look at your offerings, your audiences, your customer experience and your competitors. Does your brand tell the right story? If you were starting your brand today, what would it look like? You’ll have a good head start on solving your brand identity issues.

If you’re ready to undergo a brand refresh, connect with us here.

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