Pinterest is a natural social media channel for homebuilders, as architecture, home décor and do-it-yourself are popular topics that are commonly shared on this platform. For most homebuilders, a solid social media strategy begins with a blog as the hub for content that can be shared on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram. Pinterest provides a platform that can showcase product, provide potential homebuyers with inspiration for décor and homebuying and drive traffic to the website.

Pinterest is a photo sharing platform that allows you to “pin” photos from any website and then organize those pins into different “boards” based on certain themes or categories. Homebuilders often create boards based on the regions in which they build, as well as home ideas and inspiration categories such as Housewarming Gift Ideas, Rustic Ranch Homes, Beautiful Porches or Curb Appeal. The images below, taken from the Pinterest page of a prominent West Coast homebuilder, provide great examples of how your company might design its Pinterest page.

Homes are among the most popularly “pinned” subjects. Once a pin is “repinned” by other users, it is possible that the pin will go viral, garnering up to hundreds or even thousands of repins while maintaining its original source link. With a solid strategy in place, Pinterest can be an effective marketing tool for homebuilders and for ultimately driving traffic to a particular page or website — but don’t expect it to provide the same level of qualified prospects that direct outreach or targeted advertising may provide.

Pinterest Tips for Homebuilders

  • Share strong, beautiful images and designs that inspire people to live in nice homes while (directly or indirectly) advancing your branding and expertise.
  • Leverage Pinterest to promote your homes, but keep it balanced with repins from others to build relationships and a more loyal following. The point is to engage with people who feel inspired by what you post and will follow you as a result of that. The most popular boards on homebuilders’ pages, including the builder page featured in this post, are often home organization, DIY and décor boards.
  • Post diverse, highly visual content. This could be anything from eye-catching infographics to beautiful model photography and floor plans or color palette and design inspiration.
  • Interact with your audience as much as you can through comments and pins. Best results will come when you stay engaged.
  • Make it easy for others to share your photography from the website by installing a Pin It button, available on the Pinterest site. You’ll find your floor plans and model photos pinned to others’ Dream Home boards and also may experience an uptick in traffic to those pages as others share and click through on those pins.

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